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(Serves to reveal public interest in the development and willing to invest a project Anscience)


Although today there are more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and many of them have the word "coin" in their name, they can not all exist outside of the computer networks that mislead the user by using the word "wallet", which is essentially a network interface, part of the network. Consequently, "coins" created on the basis of crypto algorithms and "wallets" to them are parts of computer networks and can not exist outside of computer networks, therefore the need for a coin that would really correspond with its characteristics to this word remains to this day. More details about this can be found in a separate study available here (coming soon).

This project involves the development and emission of coins or notes on other principles, which until now were not known, and therefore includes certain scientific studies and their publication. Upon completion of work the received coin will have the following characteristics and properties:

- You can transfer from hand to hand without using a computer network on any media, even on paper.
- You can send by e-mail without fear of losing during shipment for any reason.
- It is not possible to clone a coin and pay more than once
by the same coin.
- It is not possible to falsify a coin.
- There is no way to falsify the coin detector, since it has an open source and everyone can check it.
- Issue of coins can not be prohibited by the state, as it does not contradict the legislation of most states.
- Most states, if not any, are interested in issuing for several reasons.
- Coins can circulate indefinitely in time, as the file in the process of transmission does not disappear.
- It can exist without computer networks, without "wallets", without Blo
- Fixed emissions.
- The coins can not be forbidden even by those states that persecute and do not recognize Bit
coin and other cryptocurrencies.
- There is no need for a state license to issue a coin.
- There is cash
not in line with the name, as "Bitcoin cash", but is cash in accordance with properties
- Converted to other currencies at market rates.
- The owner should not now register a "wallet" and should not at the same time
disclosure to unknown persons his personal data - provides protection of personal data from their unauthorized use without the consent of the person to whom these data belong.
- It does not rust, does not oxidize, does not break its pocket with its weight, does not burden the hands of the owner.
- In a critical situation can be destroyed, like any file.
- It is possible to save a backup copy of the coin in case of loss during
transferring. Use of a backup copy for purchases is possible only with loss of the main coin.
- A lost
or stolen coin can not work as an instrument of payment. That is why, its theft is meaningless in any way, including the crack of the computer on which it is stored.
- Coins are issued with a fixed face value.

- Once issued on the market coin can circulate on it completely autonomously without requiring any additional service. As well as antique coins that exist and have market value several thousand years after they were issued by the Mint of the Emperor or Pharaoh of ancient times.
- Coins do not require the creation of a platform for their circulation and run.
- The coin is a decentralized payment method exactly as much as decentralized other
- Peer-to-Peer technology is not used as a compulsory component.
- New protocol for ensuring the existence of a coin.
- The coin can be stored in a purse of any material in leather, plastic, fabric sewn, in your purse, in your pocket, in a business case and transported by bus, car, bicycle, train, plane, foot or electronic mail of your choice.

Some part of the study was completed five years ago at the expense of private funding. The study concerned the issue of protecting a financial instrument from cloning. The developed technology has never been published anywhere, and its results have been tested in the financial sector of the economy in real markets with a high level of “shadow (underground) economy”, including the reverse engineering software products. Approbation has shown the effectiveness of the developed technology of protection. Over the past five years, there was no evidence of fraud or cloning of a financial instrument. The methodology is based on new principles that have not been used before and are not related to the conduct of registries.
This project is the latest development, and not the same block
chain under a different name, does not include completely blockchain technology.

Plan of implementation:

Conduct additional scientific research to identify alternative methods of protecting the coin from cloning and completing existing scientific work.

Conduct research work in the direction of integrating a new payment instrument into existing ones at the legislative level. Development of a method for such integration, which would exclude the prohibition of running at the legislative and executive level.

Development of a "coin creation machine" in the form of software, which does not exist today.

Issue of new generation coins that can freely circulate in a run without binding to computer networks.

Providing priority to the possibility of obtaining a new coin for investors at a preferential rate (50% of market price) for investors.

Integration of the project with other existing crypt-exchange projects.

Existing today cryptocurrencies are dead without a platform, without a computer network, in simple words. The word "platform" sounds proud in all the crypto-currency projects that have met up to now. In our opinion, the availability of the platform is a big drawback. We do not have and will not have any platform. With all its disadvantages, and there are a lot of them.

Attracting of external investors. The project will be implemented in any case in the presence of external investors and in their complete absence. We have another direction in the financial business more than 20 years ago, we have the capital needed to realize the project. We believe that the attraction of external financing more solves the interests of the investor than will somehow affect the project. The project will be implemented 100%, and here only the question whether external investors will be able to get 100% of the return on investment or not receive. We evaluate time of full realization of the project in 2-2.5 years, maximum of three years. But if this was an urgent necessity and with an increase in the team of specialists, the project could be implemented for a year and a half. Here external investor can be useful. A sample of the first coin (banknotes) that does not depend on the platform and can not be spent more than once we are able to make also for three months, according to our estimates.
For us, the moment of responsibility to external investors and the established time frame are perceived as factors inhibiting creative processes and therefore their expediency is under the question from this point of view.

What are the risks of an investors ? Earthquakes and wars have not been canceled by anyone, as well as other force major. In recent years, so-called political risks have grown since nobody can guarantee that some of the states recognize our technology as harmful to ourselves, since it will make it difficult for them to collect taxes or fight fake terrorism or terrorism, whose scale is significantly exaggerated. Due to the presence of such and similar risks, investors can lose their deposits, because instead of fulfilling our obligations to investors, our specialists will be compelled to bear responsibility at the courts. This risk is obvious and it is to a greater or lesser extent inherent in all ICO. Due to the existence of such risks and in order to reduce them for potential investors, we do not publish information about the development team and project management on this website and other public resources where the project developers investors would like to see. For these same reasons, we also have to refuse from other traditional ICO constituents, which you will not see in our project. For those wishing to send confidential information will be attached at the end of this document our public key, which is also available on public servers that keep public keys.
What about technical risks and possible problems that may suddenly arise ? We do not see them at all. The basic and most responsible technologies that are part of this development are already completed. Mostly, there are a lot of routines that do not contain any scientific novelty of processes, software and other things that can not affect the end result, so the output of the final product is guaranteed. And having the opportunity to essentially "print money", we have no reason to refuse share with you. In any case, we can not ignore the fact that the violation of the monopoly of the state to print money after the appearance of cryptocurrencies in many states is tolerated quite painfully. Although we can not show the facts of open public prosecution, the measures taken in relation to the work of cryptocurrency exchange services for the collection of personal data of users of their services eloquently testify to this. And the collection of such data in the absence of state regulation of cryptocurrencies is very alarming to us, since it is unknown what laws can be taken tomorrow and how this information will be used. Although the laws do not have reciprocal action, but when it comes to the interests of the State, de facto no law in place.

And given the fact that the crypto-currency is not tied to the platform, it significantly weakens the control of the state over its turnover, we anticipate negative feedback from experts on cryptic currencies that will try to persuade an investor or a potential consumer of a product to refuse to use cash cryptocurrency. We had to meet such "independent observers", who were actually employees of special services and had their own website on the Internet, which consisted of the same letters as the police station of that country, only the letters replaced places. Such reviewers are not dependent only on the investor and on the consumer ...
We have tried to comprehensively approach risk issues for investors.

In conclusion, we want to add that all risks remain on the investor's side, and by investing the investor understands the potential risk of their loss, and never and in any way will not have the prize for the developers of this technology and products that will be based on it. By investing, the investor de facto agrees with all that is stated in this document and acts exclusively at his own risk.

Those who want to invest in this project can transfer
Bitcoins to the wallets as indicated below. In order to make a payment, you must specify three electronic addresses for which you will be able to send crypto-coins after of their issue. You can specify other information at your own discretion. For yourself, you need to keep transaction information that could be used if you need to prove the fact of your funds transfer. Investments will be accepted by August 1, 2019.
If the amount of investment reaches $ 15 million earlier, then the
accept of funds will be discontinued, which will be an announcement on the site where you have read and downloaded this document. It is recommended to keep this document, as it contains a public key that you will need later to send us your public key, which we will use for encryption coins (banknotes) before Email them to you. In principle, coins can also be sent out unencrypted - they are sufficiently protected and their robbery during transportation does not provide chance of using it. The address of the wallet can also be obtained by sending a letter to the e-mail address with any content (to autoresponder). This should always be done to verify the information listed on the site in order to exclude its replacement by cybercriminals.

Today, we are not ready technically
to work with a mass investor and make confirmation of his every step or conduct dialogue in various networks of connoisseurs of cryptology.

Perspectives of the project. In form of cash, it will be possible to continue to produce all the same digital products that were released to date using other crypto-currency, that is, tokens and everything else. Only the difference will be that they will not be tied to any platform, they can be worn in your pocket of your suit or in the case ...

Where and how digital coins will be exchanged - we do not know about it and nobody thought about this for today. We will determine this question after creating the coin (a banknote) itself.

Market of cash cryptocurrencies. This is the same market as for non-cash crypto currencies, but it will probably be somewhat less because crypto-cash will have fixed denominations and it will be inconvenient to use it where it is necessary to pay the amount that should be collected from several coins. Although this is definitely not a problem. This is a separate issue that needs to be finalized and it is not yet on time.

We also can not answer the question how much the market price of this crypto-cash will change. We do not know whether it will grow or fall and what dynamics of this process. Usually the vast majority of market participants use the conclusion of the so-called authorities in this area. And whose interests will reflect such authority and to whom he works and where his main earnings is a big question. Therefore, it is not known who and what will say on this topic and who is thrown by those who are not able to formulate their own opinion.

Each coin will have a date of issue. It may also have a series and number as well as modern banknotes. The expediency of the series and the number are still considered. They are not elements of protection, although they could serve as auxiliary markers for crime investigations by law enforcement agencies. We will finalize this question in the future, taking into account the wishes of the consumer.

The information about this project will be placed on several Internet resources, a list of which we will subsequently publish.

We at least once a day will monitor this page for the fact that nobody has changed the initial information, including public key and the numbers of Bitcoin’s account. Therefore, before transferring funds, you would make monitoring of information to be sure that within 3-5 days you see on the page the same account number and it come from the autoresponder (if available) without any changes. We assume that attacked and cracked can be any internet resource regardless of its level of protection, so we recommend that you make sure that information is consistent.

Unfortunately, the technology used to protect the coin, we can not apply to protect this internet resource, as it is not indispensable for such purposes.

What you do not get here (or rather we do not promise you):

- A beautiful web resource, where everything blinks, jumps, shoots, swims, shines and dizzying investors
PR of tokens
- Payment for advertising on resources that print information about the project
- Information on resources such as:

- Reddit.

- Linkedin,

and also do not receive active support via e-mail. Instead of inviting and entertaining you, instead of convince you that we are still somewhere and have not run away with your money and we will not lose them on Forex or at the casino, we will work on the implementation of the project in order to receive the final product of the proper quality. Therefore, if you want to be fated, answered your questions, dispelled your doubts, then for your money, we may hire a team that will be on a pulse all the time. Although from the point of view of the importance of the project and the place we focus on security, we would not really want to do that.

So far, the project is being implemented by a group of private individuals. If necessary, it can be transferred to one of the companies registered in the USA, UK, other countries of Europe and Latin America, and even in Africa, some of them work more than 30 years. We have not yet decided which of these companies can
be used on behalf of the project and submit it. None of the companies that we own are new companies. They have a solid record in various fields, but have not had any relation to cryptology before. After introducing the concept of a “final beneficiary” into the run, the scope of use of companies has narrowed considerably, as nobody at the same time guarantees the protection of commensurate secrets.

The developers of the theoretical foundations that are the basis of the technology on which our development is based are people with many years of experience, several graduates from higher education institutions and academic degrees, have a lot of scientific backgrounds behind them, and have scientific publications in their respective fields. There are no students, post-graduate students, casual luck seekers and a successful coincidence of circumstances. We know well what we do and we can do it. There are no English speakers among our specialists. Therefore, please apologize for the quality of this document.

You can ask us the following: "We know that we can create a wallet of a lot of cryptocurrencies on paper, and we can write it into a file, encrypt it and transfer it as an attachment by e-mail. Do not you offer the same? ".

Our answer. You can really do this and your wallet, which is essentially a public and private key, can be transmitted as an attachment to the letter you send by e-mail. However, this wallet with digital money will only be valuable if you have a computer network. If this network ceases to exist, your wallet will be connected to nothing and everything in it would not have any market value. Our crypto cash does not require any network for its operation and will work equally well in 100 and 500 years, when the computer networks and computers themselves will probably not be compatible with those we have today.

How secure is the information about the wallet on which you invest in the project. (Information for those who deeply do not understand cryptography based on PGP algorithms.)

1. All information concerning the project
Anscience is duplicated in the form of files, each of which is a signed PGP key with the following characteristics:

Name: Anscience

Key ID: 681F2944

Fingerprint: 6B43 3B1B B690 F8C8 1182 2BBA D000 F081 681F 2944

Length: 4,096

Today it is not known that there existed a method by which it would be possible to create an alternative (dummy) key that would have the same Key ID and Fingerprint.

Each signed document is contained in an archive of two files, by means of which you can check whether the document has not been changed, and therefore whether the account numbers of the (Bitcoin address) were changed to which the transfer should be made. If anybody make any changes to the document, you will receive a warning that the document has been changed. Consequently, if the document is not changed, the account numbers on which the cryptocurrency should be true are valid and you should not be afraid that your investments will fall into the hands of the intruders.
3. And to verify the authenticity of the signature, you must install the GPG software for crypto-graphic, which has open source and its authenticity can always be checked with the help of specialists.

For Windows OS:


For Mac OS X:


Into these software you must add (insert) our public GPG key (Key ID: 681F2944) which is available on any of these servers:








The key with servers you should search based on the following features:

Key ID: 681F2944

And having got the public key from the server to further check if his fingerprints are as follows:

Fingerprint: 6B43 3B1B B690 F8C8 1182 2BBA D000 F081 681F 2944

Even if to assume something impossible that on all these servers, some attacker simultaneously replaced the public keys, he will never be able to generate another key that would have the same parameters at the same time:

Name: Anscience

Key ID: 681F2944

Fingerprint: 6B43 3B1B B690 F8C8 1182 2BBA D000 F081 681F 2944

Length: 4,096

In conclusion, we add that the above servers, where stored public keys do not allow to cancel the key that was uploaded to them. Only the owner of the key can terminate its validity and make a revoke.

Of course, anyone can create a key named Anscience and anyone can
upload these keys to the Public Key Server in accordance with the list above. But none of those keys will have

Key ID: 681F2944.

At additional check it also turns out that none of them will have:

Fingerprint: 6B43 3B1B B690 F8C8 1182 2BBA D000 F081 681F 2944

Whether someone tried to upload other keys with the name Anscience You can check the searches on the above-mentioned servers by name:

Name: Anscience

Let's summarize. The account number (Bitcoin address) of the wallet for investing in the project are valid if the file in which they are registered is signed and not altered by a digital signature with the following parameters:

Name: Anscience

Key ID: 681F2944

Fingerprint: 6B43 3B1B B690 F8C8 1182 2BBA D000 F081 681F 2944

Length: 4,096

And each of these parameters is as specified above.

At the date of creation of this file, the information on the project Anscience is located on such Internet resources
(URL) as:












Autoresponder’s address


Send any Email to this address to obtain details of payment as extract from this document to your mailbox [verify spam/trash folder if not delivered]

Send any Email to this address to obtain details of payment as extract from this document to your mailbox [verify spam/trash folder if not delivered]

Note: Some of above resources can be temporary not active.

All of the above measures do not guarantee 100% for the investor that his funds will fall into the project. Malicious people can clone web resources and create their wallets to pay and sign their digital signatures. We are solely responsible for the information signed by our above-mentioned digital signatures. What you need to do to avoid becoming a victim of cloned resources, we can recommend nothing at the date of writing this text. Our goal was to objectively demonstrate the measures that were taken for your protection and the risks that exist.

The amount you can invest is at your option, but not less than US $50, in the value of the crypt
ocurrency by the market rate at the time of the investment. Cash contributions of less than $50 will be considered irrecoverable financial assistance. This is due to two peculiarities.

1. Coins or banknotes will be issued with denominations of 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 crypto units. Will we issue other denominations until
now the decision has been not accepted.
Since we give investors the opportunity to get twice as much at the cost of coins as they were paid, then with a minimum investment of $50 an investor will receive one crypt
o banknote or crypto-coin denomination of 100 crypto units. If an investor transfers an amount of less than $50, then we will not be able to fulfill our obligations.
2. If an investor
transfer, for example $75 in cryptocurrency, then he will also receive only one crypto banknote or crypto-coin denomination of 100 crypto units, since he did not pay additional $ 25 to receive two crypto banknotes of 100 cryptograms each. Therefore, the excess funds will not be returned, so take it into account. The amount should be multiples of $50 (for example, 50, 100, 150, 200, and so on).

The format of information in the field “Details of payment”. In order to automate the processing of investments, each payment must be accompanied by information in the field “Details of payment”. The information should be separated by a comma "," or semicolon, ";" written in the form of a string where:

- the first place is the international currency
code (for example, USD)
- the second place indicates the amount of investment
- at the third, fourth and fifth place of the electronic address
es of investor (Read note at the end of the document!)
- the sixth place is possible to post a message in English

For example: USD, 50, JohnFirst@hotmail.com, John0007@ctemplar.com, JohnArtist@protonmail.com, Investment for an Anscience project.

Those wishing to receive a 50% discount to the market price of a crypt
o-coins (crypto banknotes), the investment should be remitted in Bitcoins to the “wallet” (network interface) number:

Address of “wallet” (network interface)

QR-code with address of “wallet”


All changes to this project will be displayed on the pages of this online resource. You can trust other resources only if they contain information signed by the following public key:


Comment: GPGTools - https://gpgtools.org























































The above indicated software allow you to view the characteristics of the public key and the public key itself and match them with those in this document, highlighted in green.

The document signed by us, the authenticity of which you can check with the above public key, You can download here in the zip-archive in which this document is in PDF format and the signature file to it (if downloaded file have .gif extension update file extension from .gif to .zip after download and unzip it).

The document will be
extended over time. No changes to the material contained in it at this time.

Note: Three e-mail addresses are almost (we recommend that you be registered with different Email providers), which you need to specify when making a payment, you can register for free at the following URLs or others of your choice:

www.ctemplar.com (for access via Tor: http://ctemplar42u6fulx.onion/ )
www.protonmail.com (for access via Tor:  https://protonirockerxow.onion/  )

In the final word, we would like to repeat what has been said earlier - by investing in a project you buy newly created crypt
o-coins or crypto banknotes at the stage of their development for 50% of their market value, and by doing so, you will exclusively satisfy your own financial interests before for all. Since the project will be implemented from sources of private funding in any case.

The possession of this financial tool will significantly reduce the costs of those who it owns and uses, especially when it is regularly used. Mentioned Napoleon Bonaparte's statement that a people who do not want to feed their own army will feed someone else. To paraphrase this statement, one can say that people who will not invest in the development of this instrument will pay twice as much for it as the project ends.

Anscience Project Team,

Scientific Laboratory

Date: 18-04-2019

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